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I know I am not the only one who has an Amazon shopping addiction.

When I was trying to plan out a new blog post, it hit me that there are so many things I have purchased on Amazon that other people may actually need, but not know about. While going through my order history, I remembered things I use daily that I had forgotten I purchased on Amazon! Please feel free to COMMENT BELOW with your favorite purchases from Amazon so we can all learn from each other! 🙂

1. BESWASUD iPhone 6 Foot Charging Cable (3 Pack)

Who can’t use extra charging cables?! I’m obsessed with these charming cables! They work with all my Apple products (iPhone & iPad Pro and Mini 2) and are great quality for the price. Currently you can get a 3 pack of cables for $7.99 for the gold or silver color. I also really like that you can plug in either side to your devices.

2. IGK for Fitbit Charge 2 Bands

With 22 color options and prices ranging from $5.99 to $10, these IGK bands are a great buy! I ordered the white band for summer and it looks A LOT like the band that came with my Fitbit. These are an affordable way to change up your look. 🙂 IGK’s Amazon store also offers metal bands as well as bands for other Fitbit models. You can visit their store here: IGK on Amazon

3. Alphatronix iPad Keyboard Leather Case

I know nowadays laptops are smaller and easier to travel with than ever. My MacBook is great, but I LOVE my iPad Pro. I had been searching for a keyboard and case for awhile and finally came across this one from Alphatronix on Amazon. The keyboard is removable from the case and the battery life is awesome! I am currently tying this blog post on it =. 🙂 At $32.95, you get a quality product that wont break the bank. I highly recommend a keyboard case for your tablets!

4. Anchor Hocking Cafe Glass Mugs (Set of 6)

These pretty glass mugs are an Amazon deal to be had. You get a set of 6 mugs for only $16.24! I feel like I have been seeing glass coffee mugs more and more recently. At first I was not a fan, I like all my cute and decorative mugs. But I have since realized they could be used for many things around the house besides my. Morning coffee. You can see one of them pictured below. 🙂

5. AmazonBasics 5 Way Headphone Splitter

I use this splitter almost every time I travel. Whether it is just a weekend trip or a full-on vacation, this little gem always saves the day. You can plug up to five pairs of headphones/earbuds into the splitter and the splitter gets plugged in to your iPad, tablet to portable device. There are 8 colors to choose from and the prices range from $6.00-7.99.

6. Sorbus Foldable Cube Bins (6 Pack)

These collapsible bins are perfect for storing pet toys, shoes or just helping carry items upstairs and downstairs. I use them to keep all my work/blog information in too. You get 6 cubes per package and there are 13 colors available. They are around $20 per pack, depending on your color choice.

7. Pure Enrichment Cool Mist Humidifier with Light Light

I have talked about this humidifier in previous posts. I absolutely love it. I have gone through a few of them which all had filters you needed to change. They lasted a few months and I ended up throwing them away. This Pure Enrichment model has a built in filter and comes with a cleaning brush. I also love the fact it has 4 settings, 2 of which offer a night light. This humidifier is perfect for any small room or office!

I hope you found something in this post that will become a lifestyle love for you! Please comment with your favorite Amazon purchases for me to check out.

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