Spring Break Beauty Essentials

Who’s ready for summer?!

I’m not sure where you might be from, but here in Wisconsin, the winter months can seem like an eternity!

I’ve been testing out a few new products that I think will be great for spring break, or any vacation really. I’m not sure about you, but when I’m on vacation, especially in a more humid climate I don’t like tower heavy makeup during the day. Here are my go to essentials for an easy, daytime makeup look!!

1. A tinted moisturizer with SPF

You should always wear sunscreen when outdoors, which is why I love tinted moisturizers for vacation. They usually contain at least SPF 20 so it’s like a double dose of SPF for your face.

I really like the TARTEGUARD by Tahrte because I think it gives really nice coverage but doesn’t feel heavy on my skin. The coverage is also buildable so you can easily use it for a nighttime look as well. I typically use shade medium, even though I am pretty light in skin tone.

2. A finishing powder

I think a finishing powder is a must for vacation! It just helps keep everything in place and is an easy step to make us look pit together, even if we’re not. LOL! I love having a pressed powder for vacation because I can easily throw it in my pool bag or purse for on the go touch ups.

I’m loving the IT COSMETICS BYE BYE PORES AIRBRUSH SILK FINISHING POWDER because it is very lightweight but gives great results. It’s very silky and helps even everything out to give skin that “airbrushed” effect that we all want for our photos.I also love that the compact has a separate compartment for the sponge so it’s so easy to take anywhere!

3. Your favorite mascara

Everyone has a favorite. So really this essential is whatever is YOUR favorite. I love mascara because even if it’s the only makeup product you put on, you instantly feel better. At least I do! My grandmother always used to say “Never leave the house without mascara on!”

mascara and I really like it. The wand is very slim with short, fine bristles. It lengthens and separates my lashes beautifully and makes them light and fluttery – just what I want for daytime!

4. A highlighter stick

We all want the glow. Especially in the warm weather. It’s what makes us look sun-kissed. I like using a cream highlight because it melts in to your skin and I feel lasts longer than a powder. I like having it in stick for because just like the pressed powder, you can take it with you!

Neutrogena just came out with some new products and I have been loving the HYDRO BOOST ILLUMINATOR. They give off the most gorgeous glow and are great under foundation or powder for that “glow from within” look.

5. A lip stick or gloss

I personally like a satin or shiny finish while I’m in the warmer months or on vacation. I also like something that is easy to carry with me and easy to apply. I have loved CLINIQUE CHUBBY STICK MOISTURIZING LIP COLOUR BALM sticks for a long time. They come in tons of colors and are so easy to apply because of their pencil looking shape. I usually have at least 2 with me at all times! They help keep my lips soft too with is great after being in the sun.

Purchase the products mentioned:

Happy Spring Break!!!



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