About Me

Hi there. I’m Ashley.

I am born and raised in Wisconsin, where the beer is always cold and so are the winters. I’ve always been interested in having my own blog. I love to read about culture, travel and the latest trends in style and food. My situation is unique. I was born with an eye disease called retinitis pigmentosa (RP) which prevents me from driving and also has left me legally blind. I can still see, but I only have central vision. So starting a blog and running social media accounts is something I not only have time for, but enjoy doing as well.

I went to college for culinary arts. I love to cook and create new recipes. They don’t all turn out but that’s part of the fun, right? I have a cat named Josie who I rescued from a shelter almost ten years ago. You may see her pop up on my social media from time to time. I am a HUGE sports fan. I love my Green Bay Packers! I also enjoy baseball on all levels and am grateful I have both professional and minor league teams close to home.

I hope this bit of background on me makes you feel that you can connect with me here and on my social media!