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6 Things I Can’t Leave Trader Joe’s Without

Who doesn't LOVE Trader Joe"s? I never really understood the hype about Trader Joe's - until I started going to one on a semi regular basis! I can honestly say I have never had anything bad from TJ"s. Sure, there are some things I have like a lot more, but I have never had anything… Continue reading 6 Things I Can’t Leave Trader Joe’s Without

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The 411 on Clean Deodorant

I have really been trying to be more mindful of the beauty/skincare/home products I use. Now. more than ever, brands are making an effort to be more clean. What is clean beauty? There are obviously many answers to this question, but they all have (or should have) the same basis. Clean beauty is products that… Continue reading The 411 on Clean Deodorant

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5 Simple Steps for a Better Morning

I've never really been a morning person. I used to have a first shift position at a hotel. So I would consistently be up by 5:00am five days a week. It was definitely easier then because I was in a routine. We all have different schedules and routines, but I truly think these 5 small… Continue reading 5 Simple Steps for a Better Morning