Memorial Day Sales & Favorites

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everyone! I wanted to gather some of the AMAZING sales that are going on and provide you with the promo codes (if needed) and some of my favorite pieces included in the sales! I will most likely keep updating the post as more sales are announced. Happy shopping! Click on a… Continue reading Memorial Day Sales & Favorites

Everyday Life

5 Simple Steps for a Better Morning

I've never really been a morning person. I used to have a first shift position at a hotel. So I would consistently be up by 5:00am five days a week. It was definitely easier then because I was in a routine. We all have different schedules and routines, but I truly think these 5 small… Continue reading 5 Simple Steps for a Better Morning


The Magic Behind Moroccan Magic

Everyone has their favorite lip balm. Now let me introduce you to your new favorite! I found out about Moroccan Magic through Instagram. I'm one of those people who has tried just about every brand out there. And I'm happy to say, I've found my holy grail! I think Moroccan Magic is such a great… Continue reading The Magic Behind Moroccan Magic


Jungle Fever

Animal prints seem to be taking over fashion again - and I love it! I remember being in middle school and having leopard leggings and I thought I was so cool. LOL. I've jumped back on the bandwagon and wanted to share a few of my new favorite things! 1. Red Dress Sneakers I wanted… Continue reading Jungle Fever